What is Imovietube.com about?

We are about movies! We actively focus, select and post about the best movies to be released in theaters in the upcoming couple months.
Why search movies at Imovietube.com?
We have large pool of the most popular movies released and upcoming films. Movie posts are complete with a plot exerpt, the genres type(s), the main actors, director and a movie trailer preview.
Where to find the latest movies?
The newest movie posts are in the top left corner of our Home Page. Latest movie posts for each genre, ie action movies, adventure films, horror videos … can be found in the top left on the first movie genres category page – Example where to Find Newest Movies Posted. You may navigate to the home page by clicking on any to the imovietube.com logo!
How to search for your favorite type of movies at Imovietube.com?
The best way to drill down your favorite movie type quickly is to use the ALL GENRES drop down menu in the links bar near the top of each page. There are 18 movies categories to choose from and the genres menu is on every page you visit. All Genres Sample of Movies List.
How to search for my favorite actor, director, type of movies at Imovietube.com?
Use the search box which is located in the top right corner of every page. You can save a lot of time here by zeroing in on what you want. It could be a specific actor’s name, director’s name, year or films with scenes or elements about CIA, love, FBI ..  or take place in a certain country.
When are new movies posted at Imovietube.com?
We post new upcoming movies every week. Generally to the later part of the week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The easiest way to follow our new movie post list is to subscribe to our imovietube.com feed.
What is the free movie trail offer?
At this time, we are not legally able to host or link to full HD movies. We do have an advertiser that offers free movies as a trial subscription, and if you like their services, then for a monthly fee you can continue watching their full movies online.
How to get the best movie experience at Imovietube.com?
1. Find a movie trailer you want to watch! 2. Start the video and check in the bottom left corner your viewing options. Full Screen size is one of the best features that you can do as trailer fills your device screen giving you the best enhanced movie experience ..  getting you more engaged and amazed on your smart devices! Other video player features: get sub-titles/closed captions, change the video settings for speed and quality  …  adding to one’s movie experience!
Why watch movie trailers?
Today, movie trailers are high quality HD videos. Some reveal the movie’s best features. When you go to the cinema they hit you with 3-5 trailers of upcoming films. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent to create an advertisement trailer to promote a movie that costs millions of dollars to produce. Movie houses are pulling out all the stops and must deliver amazing and engaging previews to draw film fans to the theaters. As they are free online, take less time than a full movie, best take advantage and preview some great produced movie trailers!
Where can I change imoviestube.com language?
We publish movie posts in English, but make available a language selector in the right column. The imoviestube.com site can be easily be switch for watching in one of 103 languages which covers off 99 per cent of all internet users.  Easy to share with family and friends. Convenient to translation into the language one prefers.

Imoviestube.com, (IMT) keeps in mind that people are busy and on the go. Little time is left to search the web and why not benefit from imovietube.com  consolidating the latest and greatest soon to be released movies.