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Beauty and the Beast is a live action adaptation of Disney’s 1991 animated film by the same name. The fairy tale centers around a prince, who has been imprisoned in the form of a monstrous-looking beast. The only thing that can break the spell is true love.

When Belle’s father is imprisoned by the beast, she offers herself for her father’s freedom. She becomes the Beast’s prisoner in the enchanted castle. Despite her fears she is able to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior to the heart and soul of the man within, and to fall in love.

The moral of the story being “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”

The live remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson has broken world box office records and is the seventh biggest movie opening ever.

Beauty and the Beast Movie Stars

Dan Stevens, Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor

Beauty and the Beast Movie Director

Bill Condon

Movie Release Date: March 17, 2017

Genre: All Genres | Family | Fantasy | Music/Musical | Romance

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5 Reviews for “ Beauty and the Beast ”

  1. Rosemarie Sigg , March 8, 2017 :

    After seeing the original 1991 Disney movie, I don’t care for new version as I feel that nothing should be replacing any original ones of an movie especially Disney ones,
    God ones,

  2. Rosemarie Sigg , March 8, 2017 :

    Once a movie has been made, especially one of dddisneys they should not try to remake them

  3. Evette , March 24, 2017 :

    I like movies beauty and the beast wonder

  4. Anonymous , March 24, 2017 :

    i think it was great

  5. Alicia , April 2, 2017 :


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