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SYNOPSIS FOR: Donald Cried

Donald Cried is a comedy drama film. Peter Latang is a Manhattan banker who returns to his hometown after 20 years to settle the estate of his recently deceased grandmother.

Peter’s day gets infinitely worse when he realizes that he’s lost his wallet and is forced to ask his weird and wacky childhood friend, Donald Treebeck, for help. Donald agrees to lend Peter some money and offers to be his chauffeur, if Peter will spend the day with him for old times sake.

Peter reluctantly agrees, and what follows is a day of embarrassing, cringe worthy interactions at familiar hometown haunts that highlight the differences between the two men. Peter, who has transformed himself into a conservative banker, is embarrassed by his roots whereas Donald refers to their youth as the glory days!

Donald Cried Movie Stars

Jesse Wakeman, Louisa Krause, Tyrone Alcorn, Ted Arcidi

Donald Cried Movie Director

Kris Avedisian

Movie Release Date: March 3 2017

Genre: All Genres | Comedy | Drama

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