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The movie Puzzle is based on the Argentinian film Rompecabezas by Natalia Smirnoff.

A suburban mother and housewife, bored with everyday life, receives a puzzle as a birthday gift. She not only enjoys doing the puzzle but also realizes that she is very good at it. Her husband on the other hand believes it is childish and a waste of time.

When Agnes answers an add for a puzzle partner, she meets Robert Khan who appreciates her talents and asks her to be his partner in an upcoming puzzle competition. She gladly accepts even though her husband is not happy about it.

As her relationship with Khan deepens she begins to reject her ho hum life as a housewife and finds the courage to speak up for herself, rediscovering her own strengths and abilities.

If you want your life to change, you must make it happen.

Puzzle Movie Stars

Austin Abrams, Mandela Bellamy, Myrna Cabello, Sebastian Chacon

Puzzle Movie Director

Marc Turtletaub

Movie Release Date: July 27, 2018

Genre: All Genres | Drama

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