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SYNOPSIS FOR: Sasquatch Hunters

In the forest wilds of the western US, a group of intrepid researchers prepare for a three day hike into uncharted territory in order to solve one of the greatest enigmas in history. They are looking for fossils that will corroborate the North American existence of an ancient primate thought to have lived only in China. The group consists of four forest rangers, two paleontology professors, a grad student, and a former ranger; all are experts in their respective fields. The group successfully reaches a site just outside their intended destination on the third night of the trip, and set up camp in a clearing. Upon awakening the next day they realize they have slept in an ancient graveyard. At first elated by their find, the group soon learns that something is after them, and one of them is attacked by a huge creature while looking for a missing group member. They immediately set their course homeward, but their adversary is in close pursuit; will any of the team make it back alive?

Genre: Action | Horror | Thriller

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