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The Chi Sah gang is after a consignment of gold, and look to intercept it while it’s being delivered to aid famine victims. Their leader, the Kid with the Golden Arm (Law Mong), possesses invincible golden arms that make him nigh impossible to defeat. With his cohorts Silver Spear, Iron Robe, and Brass Head along for the ride, the gold seems to be as good as theirs. Standing in their way is a contingent of guards, led by Yang Yu Heng (Sun Jian) and Li Chin Ming (Wei Pai). However, the government has also sent drunken undercover agent Hai To (Philip Kwok of Hard Boiled) to look out for the gold, meaning another martial arts master willing to throw himself into the fray. With so many skilled and deadly fighters angling for the gold, who will be the last one standing?

Genre: Action | Drama

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