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SYNOPSIS FOR: Unfriended

Unfriended, a supernatural horror film about a group of online chat room friends who find themselves haunted by a mysterious, supernatural force. This unseen figure seeks vengeance for a shaming video that led to the suicide of a bully a year earlier.

Unfriended Movie Director: Levan Gabriadze

Unfriended Movie Stars

Heather Sossaman, Matthew Bohrer, Courtney Halverson, Shelley Hennig

Genre: All Genres | Horror | Thriller

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6 Reviews for “ Unfriended ”

  1. wowo , April 29, 2015 :

    wow this is very scary but why kill all n not just the one who put it up

  2. Cinnamon , April 29, 2015 :

    Love it

  3. Anonymous , May 3, 2015 :

    Ready to see it Ik it’s going to be the best movie ever

  4. Alica , May 3, 2015 :

    I haven’t watch the …. movie because of my mom

  5. brandi , May 6, 2015 :

    why cant i watch it???

  6. Anonymous , May 9, 2015 :

    does anyone have a link for this movie? 🙂 searched the whole web

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