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She Likes Girls 4: Tomboys & Tough Girls Tomboys and tough girls abound in this wonderful new installment in the She Likes Girls lesbian shorts series featuring eight terrific portrayals of girls who like girls! Babysitting Andy (11 mins, Canada) Dir. Pat Mills A deviously precocious nine-year old tomboy interrogates her gay uncle and his boyfriend in this hilarious short film. Pitstop (15 mins. USA) Dir. Melanie McGraw Accidentally left behind by her family at a desolate gas station, a young tomboy has a poignant platonic encounter with an older lesbian in this beautiful tale. No Bikini (9 mins. USA) Dir. Claudia Morgado Escanilla A delightful short film about a little girl who abandons her bikini top at swim camp and passes as a boy. Gay Bash (5 mins. USA) Dir. Camrin Pitts A fresh anthem of pride from lesbian Hip-Hop artist Melange Lavonne. Don’t Mess with Texas (6 mins. USA) Dir. Carrie Schrader & Tricia Cooke A pair of wild young activist dykes on a road trip have an eye-opening experience at a small-town diner in this winning little movie that co-stars queer icon Silas Howard (By Hook or By Crook). Mars (15 mins, USA) Dir. Marcus Richardt Lilly is the leader of a violent girl gang. Anna is a strong-willed nice girl photographer. This unique tale of teenage loyalties follows the budding affection between two opposites: attracted. In German with English subtitles. I Heart Veronica Martin (18 mins. USA) Dir. Sarah Howard Loner Darby falls for cheerleader Veronica who has just broken up with her boyfriend in this spot-on portrayal of teenage lesbian lust. Pages Of A Girl (19 mins. Brazil) Dir. Monica Palazzo The bookish, lesbian librarian’s wet dream. – Ingrid and Silvia meet at the bookstore and a languid romance follows in this gorgeous 1950s Brazilian period piece. In Portugese with English subtitles. Bonus Featurette: NCLR at 30 An uplifting portrait of the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR).

Genre: Documentary

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