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Danish Movies Feature;, focuses on three friends, Rien, Hans and Eef, who share a lower-class background and a fanatical love of motocross racing. Both Rien and Hans race themselves, aspiring to someday be as good as their idol, champion racer Gerrit Witkamp (Rutger Hauer). When we meet these guys, it looks like their lives could follow this same course forever. Racing in local meets for low stakes, getting drunk at the disco on weekends, and fooling around with their girlfriends. But things get complicated with the arrival of Fientje, a sexy blonde who works a fast-food trailer with her brother. Fientje wants a better life and thinks Rien shows enough promise on the racetrack to give it to her. When things don’t go as she planned, Fientje works her way through the rest of the group. (Dutch movie with English subtitles.)

Genre: Drama

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