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SYNOPSIS FOR: The Last Slumber Party

At first we meet a group of jesting teens that are celebrating in high spirits on their last day of school. Tracy (Nancy Meyer), Chris (Jan Jensen), Tommy (Danny David), Scott (Paul Amend) and Billy (Lance Descourez) all plan a slumber party at Linda (Joann Whitley) ‘s house, where they can spend the night drinking, taking drugs and doing the usual cheesy antics that eighties teens in slasher movies love to do! Meanwhile, whilst they all merrily head off home to prepare for their fateful gathering, elsewhere in the town it seems a lunatic patient from the local asylum has escaped sporting a surgical mask and apron and clutching a very sharp scalpel! He gets the address of his psychiatrist’s home and heads over there to carry out the threat that we learn he gave him days before. – He warned the doctor that he would find him and kill him! Then we find out that the medic is Linda’s father, so the vicious butcher has conveniently found himself a house full of would be victims to slash! As the beer flows at the party, the unwelcome guest arrives and before long the blood begins to flow too”¦

Genre: Horror

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