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SYNOPSIS FOR: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Dawn of Justice is the first movie featuring both Batman and Superman together. Batman is afraid that Superman is getting out of control and takes on the man of steel, while the rest of the world struggles with what kind of a hero they need. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor creates, Doomsday, which threatens to destroy Metropolis. Batman and Superman must unite, and with the help of Wonder Woman, work together to save Metropolis.

Dawn of Justice Movie Director

Zack Snyder

Dawn of Justice Movie Stars

Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg

Genre: Action | Adventure | All Genres | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

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10 Reviews for “ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ”

  1. comment kid , March 24, 2016 :

    I thought spdiderman was sold to sony .
    in captin amercia civil hes back that’s cool

  2. Christiandoxy , April 4, 2016 :

    There r

  3. Anonymous , April 5, 2016 :

    Thats not even fair there technology is not abel to go all the way out to space and get kryptonite and kill superman and all u people saying that batman can kill superman are dumb batman is hiding behing the stupid kryptonite and if batman is better then superman then why wont he fight him without kryptonit oh thats right he cant

  4. Lamar , April 14, 2016 :

    Waw cool

  5. Zae , April 24, 2016 :

    Batman going win

  6. Anish Maharjan , April 28, 2016 :


  7. Anonymous , May 3, 2016 :

    Waw cool

  8. saimekhan , May 5, 2016 :

    yo i am a huge superhero fan!

  9. saimekhan , May 5, 2016 :

    like to see the movie

  10. marvin desjarlais , May 23, 2016 :

    like to see the movie

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